Counselling for Happyness

Counselling for Happyness

...with Gail Elliott in the Wide Bay Region

Sorry, I will not be taking any new clients at this time.

'Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life.' – Aristotle.

Hi, My name is Gail Elliott and I live to be happy. Living in beautiful Jawalla in the Maryborough-Wide Bay Burnett region, I am experienced in all aspects of counselling and I believe that service to others is one of the best ways to enrich our lives.

I integrate creativity therapy into my work with survivors of trauma as well as with a wide range of people who would just like they lives to feel brighter and more rewarding.

I strongly believe in self-empowerment and the use of the whole community for ongoing support.

Gail Elliott, Counselling for Happyness

My Mission

Happiness is a lifetime process.

I aim to help others to follow the happiness path through creativity and living in the moment thinking, to build long lasting lifetime happiness.

Counselling for Happyness workshops

Most of our workshops include the creation of a unique trinket or object that you will take home, to keep the lessons of the day fresh before you. Groups can be run here at beautiful Jawalla, in your own work place, or in training rooms and community halls. The requirement is simply tables and matching seating.

Should hiring a hall and/or catering be required, these will be additional costs. Due to the provision of the art and creative therapy materials the nonrefundable payment is required in advance. Those who fail to attend do not receive refunds.

  • 'Tree of Happiness'
  • Details
    A workshop to build on the happy or joyful aspects of the participants' lives. Building a beautiful tree while undertaking mindfulness and the 'twelve points of happiness' will build personal happiness and a mnemonic for joy. The session is designed to offer a challenging and entertaining learning experience.
    Time: 2 hours.
    Minimum group: 5 people.
    Cost: $40 per person.
  • 'Beading the Blues'
  • Details
    Have fun, learning more about you inner demons! Straightening out crooked thinking and creating an individual bracelet or wristband that challenges automatic negative thoughts.
    Time: 4 hours / 2x2h sessions.
    Minimum group: 5 people.
    Cost: $100 per person.
  • 'Crafting Sleep'
  • Details
    Visualising the forest of dreams and building a dreamcatcher. The workshop will enable us to return again and again to a place of warm restfulness, where repetitive thoughts and troubles evaporate like the morning dew.
    Time: 2 hours.
    Minimum group: 5 people.
    Cost: $60.
  • 'Finding Me'
  • Details
    Are you feeling blown around by the world? Not sure who you are and what you want to do? This workshop is about building a tree clothed in your values, so that your life can bear fruit.
    Time: 2 hours.
    Minimum group: 5 people.
    Cost: $50 per person.
  • 'Creative Change'
  • Details
    Wish you could stop doing that? A workshop looking at the stages of change model. Learn how to make those positive changes in relationship and lifestyle habits that are sapping your happiness and how to apply it to lifestyle changes to plan for better outcomes. Creative individual diaries help with planning and relapse prevention strategies.
    Time: 2 sessions of 2 hours each.
    Minimum group: 3 people.
    Cost: $80 per person.
  • 'Tough Girls'
  • Details
    A workshop based on the world renowed Shark Cage Model that aims to repair the cage (a womans inner self) to ensure a positive future. Make your own repair kits for self worth, values, communications, assertnivess and more.
    Time: 6 hours.
    Minimum group: 4 people.
    Cost: $160.
  • 'I Don't Like That'
  • Details
    A children's workshop, offered in schools and community. Looking at feelings, and why it is important to tell people how you are feeling. Recognising safe and unsafe feelings. Becoming confident in naming body parts and developing an understanding of private and public. Learning about the 'Five Protective Friends'. Parents are invited to involve themselves at the end of the session to understand what has been learnt.
    Time: 3 hours.
    Minimum group: 3 children.
    Cost: $100 per person.
  • 'More to come'...


I am recognised and trained as a Supervisor though Australian Counselling Association.

I have led a range of professional teams. I use regular supervision, integrated with mentoring, to review casework, release stress, address workplace shortfalls, and assist in developing professional skills. I document the progress of individuals through supervision agreements and keep supervision records that are agreed to initially and in each session.

I offer both developmental and staff supervision. The strategy I use is called the 360% Supervision Model.

  • An update of recent work completed and actions taken.
  • Setting tasks and deadlines for future casework.
  • A review of specific skills demonstrated within the last supervision period.
  • Discussion involving professional development and personal coping mechanisms.
  • My requesting feedback regarding the supervision of our process and my personal style.
Trees of Happiness
'Workshops and Supervision are MOBILE to your workplace!'

Individual Counselling with Gail Elliott

I offer individual counselling using a range of eclectic tools and models. Mostly I offer CBT developed with creativity for flow and mnemonics.

Some areas I specialise in are listed below:-

  • Happiness
  • Problem Solving
  • Values Clarification
  • Communication Skills
  • Protective Behaviours
  • Stress Management
  • Recovery from Abuse
  • Assertiveness
  • Relaxation
  • Self Esteem
  • Anger Management
  • Managing Change (Drugs, Alcohol, etc.)
  • Self Development
  • D & A Awareness
  • For Professionals – Individual Supervision

I charge $80 an hour, or part thereof, or as negotiated for longer term contracts and workshops.



ABN: 78 369 185 291

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BSB 923-100
Acc. No: 30863381

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Directions to Jawalla
Cross the highway heading towards Maryborough West Train station. Continue down the Biggenden Road after crossing the traintrack. You will see a bill board pointing to Old Gayndah Road.

Turn right and drive 4km down Old Gayndah Road till you see a black mail box with a yellow smiley face and head up the dirt track. The office is on the right.